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    Introducing Hong Kong Population Lifestyles

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About Us

We provide a range of services for intelligent address searching, location mapping, and demographic business analysis for retail and home delivery business.

Software Development

If you have an idea for a custom software solution, software product development, Web App or mobile App for your company, Saas is ready to provide full-cycle software development services from consulting to deployment.

Security & Networking

As concern over cyberattacks continues to grow, we secure your network .while allowing you to address your business needs. We deliver comprehensive visibility into network traffic, while allowing you to address your business needs.

Mapping Solutions

Intelligent Address Search Engine and Order Dispatching/Tracking system is a key from your order source. When choosing the right system for you, you want to have variety of choices, and some help in choosing the right system for your business, you want to have a variety of choices, and the proper guidance to make the suitable choice. That's where we come in.

Sales Analysis and Data solution

Mature sales analysis system to show where your order come from. Also, we can intergrating Census data with gergraphical database to cater for your needs.

PrismGeo Geodemographic Segmentations Hong Kong Population Lifestyles

Based on official census statistics data, and market research data and information, PrismGeo provides population lifestyle segmentations for marketers to identify their target customers for planning and implementing marketing and promotion activities.

Usages can be in numerous purposes and executions:

Identify Your Target Customers

By performing marketing activities such as direct mails or promotional events, marketers can get in touch with the target customers and achieve better responses and effects for their marketing activities.

Customer Analysis & Profiling

Visualized with digital mapping, business planner can integrate with their current customer bases to perform in-depth customer analysis and profiling.

Store Network Management

Retailers can design their store network planning that can maximize coverage of their target customers.

PrismGeo provides 12 groups and 35 clusters of population of Hong Kong, covering various demographics and lifestyles. People having similar demographics, lifestyles or social status will be found and associated with their living locations. Deploying segmentation analysis to your business can greatly improve your company capability to interact with your current and potential customers and improve your business operation effectively.


Plan, Deliver, Operate & Control

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Technical Support

Data Center Services

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